Dr John Gurney

DOptom,Bsc(Hons)FCOptom,DipTp(AS,SP,IP), Prof Cert(Glauc),Higher Cert(Glauc)Dip(Glauc),Prof Cert(Med Ret),FBDO(CL),SMC (TECH),OPwSI (Ophthalmology)(Certified in Minor Ops and Laser)

John is the clinical director of Kent Eye Care, a doctor with specialist and higher qualifications in ocular therapeutics and glaucoma. John regularly works with consultant ophthalmologists in hospital medical retina, glaucoma , laser and emergency ophthalmology clinics. John has a bachelor’s degree in optometry from City University London and Doctorate from Aston University Birmingham. John is a specialist registered independent prescribing optometrist with the General Optical Council (GOC). This Specialty allows him to prescribe and issue medical prescriptions for both NHS and private patients for the treatment of any eye condition. John is also a fellow of the college of optometrists (COO), member of the Association of Optometrists (AOP) and Fellow of the Association of British Dispensing Opticians (ABDO).

He has over thirty years’ experience in the profession following many years of experience working in hospital glaucoma and medical clinics. John has obtained nationally recognised diplomas in ocular therapeutics DipTp(IP) and glaucoma DipGlauc and is the only optometrist with this level of qualification in the whole of Kent, Johns also certified in Minor Ops and Laser from the Northeastern state university in Oklahoma.

Due to Johns experience and clinical expertise, he is Clinical Advisor to the regulatory body for optometrists and opticians the General Optical Council and examiner in Glaucoma for Cardiff University. John is member of the Community Ophthalmology Team (COT) employed as an OPwSI(Optometrist with Special Interest in Ophthalmology) by the West Kent NHS CCG ICB , this role sees him examining and treating patients in our practice who have been referred by the hospital, local GP and community opticians for chronic eye conditions such as macula degeneration ,glaucoma and corneal conditions.

At our practice FREE under the NHS John, Nicky, Deacon and George provide an emergency Acute Primary Care Ophthalmology Service (APCOS) looking after patients from GP surgeries across Kent & Medway ICB, diagnosing, prescribing and treating conditions such as red eye, uveitis ,foreign bodies and corneal ulcers.

Patients can be referred by their GP, optician, A&E, Hospital, Pharmacist or self-refer to this service.

June 2017 saw John awarded Fellowship of the College of Optometrists (FCOptom), which is their highest qualification, as an acknowledgement of accomplishments and commitment to the profession. John’s research interests include Bayesian analysis and machine learning systems   and their use in diagnosis of glaucoma and emergency acute eye disease. Johns regularly presents lectures, talks at clinical conferences to optometrists, ophthalmologist’s and GPs and clinicians regularly attend his medical clinics to learn more about ophthalmology care, glaucoma, and acute presentation of eye disease.

Outside of work John enjoys spending time with Claire and their three boys enjoys watching most sport in particular cricket and snooker, fine wine and working on improving his golf handicap.