Acute Primary Care Ophthalmology Service

Our Specialist Practice is proud to be able offer The Acute Primary Care Ophthalmology Service (APCOS)


Emergency Clinic

At our practice under the NHS our specialist IP optometrists John ,Nicky, Deacon and George provide an emergency Acute Primary Care Ophthalmology service (APCOS) looking after patients from surgeries and their patients across the entire Kent & Medway CCG area diagnosing prescribing and treating conditions such as red eye, uveitis ,foreign bodies and corneal ulcers.

Patients can be referred by their GP, optician or self-refer to this service. For patients not registered with a Kent & Medway CCG GP, they may still attend one of these clinics on a private basis.

Glaucoma Follow Up

Following many years of experience working in hospital glaucoma and medical clinics. Dr Gurney has obtained nationally recognised diplomas in ocular therapeutics DipTp(IP) and glaucoma DipGlauc.

John is the only optometrist with this level of qualification in the whole of Kent. This means that we are in a unique position within our local community in that we are able to diagnose and manage ocular hypertension, suspect glaucoma, and patients with a diagnosis of glaucoma. Independent prescribing status means that we can also prescribe any medications required for the treatment of any eye disease.

If you wish John to manage your ocular hypertension or glaucoma at time that suits you, with continuity of care, regular follow up and clinical expertise instead of having to attend crowded busy hospital clinics then please call to be booked into his clinic.

BlephEx Clinic

This treatment for blepharitis is available from one of our specialists John, Nicky, Deacon, or George. The first and only clinician treatment for Blepharitis

BlephEx™ is a revolutionary new patented hand piece, used to very precisely and carefully, spin a medical grade micro-sponge along the edge of your eyelids and lashes, removing scurf and debris and exfoliating your eyelids.

Take a look at the BlephEx site here.