Dr Deacon Harle

PhD MSc BSc (Hons) FCOptom DipOC DipTp (AS) DipTp (IP), Prof Cert (Glauc), Higher Cert(Glauc), Prof Cert( Med Ret). (Certified in Minor Ops and Laser).

Deacon has specialist and higher qualifications in ocular therapeutics and glaucoma and has a wealth of experience working in hospital medical retina, glaucoma, laser and emergency ophthalmology clinics. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Ophthalmic Optics, a master’s degree in Clinical Optometry and a PhD in Optometry. He has post graduate diplomas in Ocular Conditions and in Ocular Therapeutics (Additional Supply and Independent Prescribing), and both professional and higher certificates in Glaucoma.

He was awarded a Fellowship of the College of Optometrists for his contribution to optometric research and education and is a General Optical Council specialty registered optometrist. Deacon examines and treats NHS community ophthalmology patients in our practice who have been referred by the hospital, local GP and community opticians for chronic eye conditions such as macula degeneration, glaucoma and corneal conditions.

Deacon is also one of our providers of the emergency Acute Primary Care Ophthalmology Service (APCOS) looking after patients from GP surgeries across Kent & Medway ICB, diagnosing, prescribing, and treating conditions such as red eye, uveitis, foreign bodies and corneal ulcers.

As well as his clinical role at Kent Eye Care, Deacon is also senior lecturer at School of Optometry and Vision Sciences Cardiff University passing on his wealth of expertise in our profession to new generations of students.